Compagnia Circolabile - "O Like… Peanut"

A circus performer, juggler, man balancing on the edge… of a tourist chair. We invite you to two performances by this unconventional artist: a street show and a performance in the BIFK performing hall, where Menozzi will act in a duo with Christel Dicembre. “O Like… Peanut” is a one-man show with great comic charge. On the street stage, you will see a figure of a clown who dabbles in juggling straight from the construction site. Assembly rolls, insulation tapes, cardboard boxes go against the laws of gravity, becoming tools of circus tricks. The stage performance “Two Seconds” is a very different chapter. A concept of the show was based on the principle of two seconds as a safe distance between two vehicles in motion. Menozzi with his stage partner decide to bend the rule, creating its own acrobatic version. Since when two clowns decide to go on a holiday, distances become a subjective issue for them. During the show, you will see manipulation with objects of various sizes: from chairs to tents, motion theatre, acrobatics and a good deal of comic gags. It can be said that the story of holiday travel will become a pretext for a juggling show with a high level of technical skills.