Kejos - “The city which has not existed”

The performance, whose main hero is a city, is a story of extraordinary, multicultural, magical Lublin: a constant crossing point of different cultures, attitudes and ways of life. A vision of space, both tangible and oneiric, creates a fictional world partly born only in the imagination of the creators. By recalling the fictional characters from Lublin legends and historical figures inseparably associated with the city, the audience will have to decide themselves whether Lublin in this version is a real place or the one that has never existed. Circus art techniques are here interwoven with theatrical, dance and artistic elements. The performance is accompanied by fantastic music inspired by Polish, Jewish, Ukrainian and Gypsy folklore, as well as Polish hits of the inter-war period. The show is staged by five Polish actors associated with Kolektyw KEJOS, circus artists and live musicians. The performance is produced on the occasion of the 700th anniversary of the City of Lublin by Carnaval Sztukmistrzów and the Ke-Jos-The-At-Er Association in cooperation with CBK FAMA and OFCA. Script, concept and direction: Jacek Timingeriu, Marta Kuczyńska; Music management: Katarzyna Timingeriu; Scenography and costumes: Diana Jonkisz, Anna Hul; Light Design: Maciej Dziaczkoją: Marta Kuczyńska, Zuzanna Nir, Matylda Górska, Marcin Janiak, Adam Banach; Musicians: Katarzyna Timingeriu, Jacek Timingeriu, Mikołaj Nowicki