Izimagic Duo

Sebastien and Rebecca are an artistic duo, putting on the show “Metamorphosis”, a performance based on illusion and stage magic. This is a unique show combining elements of improvisation, visual illusions, actors’ stage metamorphoses, engaging the audience. They offer everything that the real Magic Show should contain: from manipulating with small objects to spectacular illusions. As a magician with many years of experience, Sebastian presents all the elements of his show with the utmost precision and technical excellence, not forgetting the art of street improvisation and a comedy approach to life. Rebecca plays a role of a beautiful magician’s assistant, but appearances can be deceptive. In her performance, the artist combines the art of transformation with acting skills – theatrical gestures and stage motion. You will see how stage costumes transform, artists imperceptibly swap places and release from confinement in a blink of an eye. Is that magic?! Undoubtedly excellent acting workshop and technically perfected illusion skills.