KEJOS - Pitagoras 3D

The performance is a part of a larger project,, inspired by Pythagorean sciences, geometry and associations between arts and science. Theatre and circus production is embedded in the 3D world, where juggling, acrobatics, body and object motion are tools for measuring the dark Space, twisted like a spiral. A heroine of the stage production is a tragicomical character, a self-appointed professor seeking answers to the questions that bother her. She believes that thanks to measuring she will find a perfect formula and solve a mystery of construction of the Universe. She looks for a mathematical definition of two great semantic constructs: “Everything” and “Everywhere”. She wants to touch the Absolute and invites the audience to do the same. Her thoughts are visualized with a geometric video inspired by Keplerian structures of Platonic solids. The artist’s creative process is accompanied by electronic music also created live on a table with 8 strings (monochord). The scene is filled with chiaroscuro, symbolizing the dark and mysterious Space. Artists: Marta Kuczyńska (PL) performer, director, producer, Johan Svartwanger (FR) third eye, mise-en-scene, Zuzanna Rezna (CZ) lights, Michał Stenzel (PL) video technician, Evgeniya Opalko (RUS) video animations.