La Compagnie Singulière "SoliloqueS"

“SoliloqueS” is something more than just a show of circus skills. This is a surprising event that gradually reveals the rules regulating the stage reality right in front of the viewer. The rules of the game change like the turn of a kaleidoscope – once shocking suddenly become standard. The most important, however, are the performers and the greatness of their skills. It’s they who provide the gathered viewers with the stage events dynamics and fill the audience with admiration. In the show you will encounter the bits of gymnastics, aerial acrobatics – aerial fabric/silks, trapeze shows, juggling acts and tightrope tricks. Five circus artists will gain extra support from soothing live piano sounds.
The show will take place in Św. Jerzy church.
Tickets available for online purchase (link) or at the festival Infopoint.