La Sbrindola "Shock Em All", "Vibrella Sound"

Two artists, two conventions and two performances are an energetic ration of entertainment, which is difficult to walk past without noticing. The Italian group La Sbrindola  is a result of a meeting and then friendship of extraordinary performers: a drummer Marco Macchione and a juggler Leonardo Cristiani. Their skills meet in an unpredictable street show “Shock Em All” and in a spontaneous party “Vibrella Sound” which turns out to be a musical trance on four wheels. The fusion of artistic forms is manifested in both performances, but in different proportions. “Shock Em All” is a set of acts like: juggling with sequenced acrobatics, balancing in the hoop and on a one-wheeled bike, random tricks with fire, with drum sounds backup. There is also a gorilla … but its participation is a bit of mystery. “Vibrella Sound” – as the artists say – „ is an idea born on the worst streets of the best European festivals”. It is a spontaneous, musical parade of artists and the audience gathered round in the energising rhythms of Bass Music, Glitch, D’n’b, Funk, R’n’R. Only juicy remixes and wild dancing are allowed here. The artists turn their circus car into an island of beats and all sounds lovers are invited to join the event.