Le Pifie Hotel

Have you ever wondered what ideas can the hotel staff come up with when they are alone at the reception? Reymond (Martín Rispau) and Rucula (Guadalupe Maurino) will show you that their imagination in this regard is unlimited. They are the bell boys of an unconventional hotel conducted in an absurd way who use every free moment to pursue their crazy ideas. A native of Uruguay Rispau Martin and Guadalupe Maurino have acted together since 2008 in shows and circus performances, both on stage and in public spaces. For several years they worked with the group Circo Valerijo, but since 2014 they have performed under the name “LePifié Circo” and their show “LePifie Hotel” conquered the hearts of the audience at numerous shows and festivals. Soon it will be the hearts of Oleśnica’s audience. Get ready for a whole range of emotions – you risk everything except boredom!