Les Paraconteurs / ConSéquences

Two inconspicuous men in suits will take you to the land of the absurd. They will appear on stage without any fanfare or loud greetings – one tall,  the other one short. Nothing will distinguish them from ordinary mortals. During an hour-long performance, they will confront various situations in everyday life and only then will their quirks become apparent. A funeral ceremony, a night at a disco, a session with a shrink? It’s too much for them. They are unable to adapt to the simplest social norms, thus provoking a series of catastrophes. Without words, however eloquently, they will serve the audience a solid dose of humour. The clowns who get stuck in a well-ordered reality will be an artistic experience like Buster Keaton and Monty Python.

Admission by ticket only. Tickets available  for online purchase  or at the festival Infopoint.