Lorenzo Cinotti and Jeanette Flexonette "Party! Party!"

Two circus comedians will step onto the OFCA festival scene to start a street party.  The artists represent an individual musical style that can be described as “Party! Party! “. This is a unique show of acting parody skills in a sound arrangement. Jeanette and Lorenzo will present the audience with an overview of musicians, dancers and circus virtuosos in a satirical approach. The characters brought to scenic life will lead the viewer through various instrumental and dance conventions, showing their comical picture. On top of that, circus tricks, using a hula hoop and one-wheeled bike, will reflect the  best clown’s worth. During the show the artist use self-made music players and modified instruments. A keyboard may turn up on stage and its sounds will lead the audience to the grand finale of this crazy party. Latino, Hindu rhythms, classical music, rock and roll, Scottish folk, romantic ballads and the laughing audience will rule the “Party! Party!” show!