Luca Bellezze

Let us present an Italian performer, a clown and a semi-theatrical artist. The city streets will become a stage for his “Melafilo” performance – it is a subtle, quiet show, full of kind smiles and delicate gestures. From the very beginning, the artist tries to find a common ground with the public. For this purpose, he uses stage props that make his intentions more literal: strings, threads, wires, coils of candyfloss. He engages the public in his show presenting how to convey positive emotions. He plays the accordion, creates from paper and draws. While playing with the convention of circus clown show, he creates his own magical world of the street. His subdued image – painted in the shades of grey – only emphasises what is the most important characteristic of a human being – not what is outside, but warmth, kindness and the ability to connect with another person.