Maleta Company "Put A Spell On You"

In a closed and intimate performance, two artists will synchronise their music and circus skills to offer the audience a unique show. The effect of their stage work is magic in all its forms and disguises. The hypnotising rhythm of the performance will fill the entire space of the circus tent. Live music and sounds coming from the console will create a show using aspects of juggling, object manipulation and theatrical movement.The performers will make musical instruments and juggling props speak one language. It’s a real artistic fusion! The audience will feel its vibrations on their own skin and will hear the pulse of the play in the sounds of a drum, saxophone, triangle, falling balls, or drops of water. Maleta Company will create their own magical reality in a circus tent and will make the viewer forget about the everyday rhythm of life for an hour.
Tickets available for online purchase (link) or at the festival Infopoint.