Sari Mäkelä

“The Great Granny Show” is a performance of unique circus acrobatics bursting with humour. A heroine of the show is an ordinary old woman – in a headscarf, apron and with a broom in hand. However, it turns out that, surprisingly, she has a lot of vigour. Actually, she is an extremely elastic, energetic old acrobat who works miracles with hula hoop, metal rims and she literally stands on her head to wow the audience. Her wild acrobatics is accompanied by rock music and applause of the audience. If she only wants, she will engage random members of the audience, there is no escape from her charisma. The old woman is played by Sari Mäkelä, a circus artist, clown, performer, great actress who brings crazy characters to life. Show bursts with humour and circus virtuosity. Breakdance, cheerleading, figure skating, and classic sweeping are also possible.