Teatro Tatro "Cirkus Charms"

A colourful circus performance in the spirit of avant-garde will charm viewers of all ages. You will find here a county fair-like humour, pre-war circus style, live music, wonderful costumes, fairy-tale scenery and a story with a moral. The artists tell a tale about human desire. The main character of the performance is a man who wants to become a circus artist, but he is not brought into the fold by the artistic troupe. However, dreams are worth fighting for!  The wandering troupe – along with the tent and the tamed shark – is made up of  Slovak artists who are eager to present a round of circus skills and colourful characters. You will get to know a ballerina balancing on a rope, playful acrobats, unruly jugglers, strongmen, a snake woman, overgrown rabbits and a handler of aquatic beasts.

And the spirit of the Russian poet Daniel Charms and his poetics of  absurd will be floating over the entire show.

It will take place in the Teatro Tatro circus tent. Tickets available  for online purchase (link) or at the festival Infopoint.