The Trick Brothers

The performance “Riverside” (“Plovárna”) is a humorous sketch with a strong accent of a circus show. It is based on the motif of a Czech novel “Summer of Caprice” by Vančura. Juggling actors: beautiful woman and two men with retro moustache will carry the audience to the 1920s. Atmosphere of the old days will fill the stage, and artists will enchant the audience with subtle acting and circus tricks. The performance is a lazy vision of holiday in a pre-war style. But you certainly won’t be bored. The show is filled with juggling demonstrations – solo and together, elements of acrobatics, dance improvisations, gentle gestures and non-intrusive humour in the Czech style. A storyline is only a background for the artists who during an hour-long show demonstrate an entire palette of their circus skills. “Riverside” tells the story of a busy day spent leisurely on lazy conversations. This silent inactivity is disturbed, however, by appearance of a charming woman… A juggling woman… who brings a lot of circus disarray to the stage. The performance may be watched during the festival in the BIFK performing hall on the basis of free admission tickets.