During the festival you will be able to use the campsite that will be located on the Castle boroughs.
Campsite fee is 60zl per person, regardless of the number of tents and days.
There’s also an opportunity to buy an entry pass band for highline and campsite for 100zl per person.
Children to 10 years old are free from paying for the campsite.

Underage visitor must have a declaration (DOWNLOAD) signed by their legal guardian in order to participate in the Festival and use the Campsite. This declaration must be submitted during registration at the Festival Registration point.

Minors under 16 years old can take part in festival but only under adult’s supervision!

The campsite will be opened from 12th of August (Thursday) to 16th of August (Monday).

You can buy the entry pass band at the Registration Point, which is/will be in the Castle (4 Zamkowa Street) next to the entrance to the campsite.

Registration point opening hours:

Friday (13.08) 10:00 – 21:00
Saturday (14.08) 10:00 – 21:00
Sunday (15.08) 10:00 – 14:00

If you arrive on Thursday, just go to the campsite and then register on Friday.

For the people staying at the campsite there will be toilets and bathrooms available, also you will be allowed to enter the Żongler Bar, which will be located next to the campsite, for free.

There’s a free parking that is 250 metres from the campsite.

People who want to stay at the campsite must fill  in and send us the declaration(download), which will help us appraise how much space will be necessary for to put up all the tents. Thanks!