Artists 2016


Have you ever wondered what ideas can the hotel staff come up with when they are alone at the reception? Reymond and Rucula will show you that their imagination in this regard is unlimited. They are the bell boys of an unconventional hotel conducted in an absurd way who use every free moment to pursue their crazy ideas.


A unique puppet circus spectacle in which animals are played by puppet and marionette animals in their natural sizes, and the humans are played by Tamers, Strongmen, Jugglers and Clowns. The main heroes of our puppet circus show is a Giraffe who falls in love with its handsome tamer; a powerful and roaring Lion that wants to devour the trainer; and the Elephant - a virtuoso of 'trombon', which can stand on his trumpet and fly!


His name is Youri GREGOIRE. He has been juggling Diabolo for the past twelve years. Five years ago, he began training acrobatics, standing on his hands and ‘Portes', so to be able to combine physical skills with juggling. Diabolo is the most important part of his life and his show. When he and his Diabolo dance in a special dance then the magic of this show appears. In Oleśnica he will perform with live musical accompaniment.


Ey Pacha! is an artistic pseudonym of a talented multi-instrumentalist who combines live music with some elements of beatbox, magic and comedy in his appearances . His single variety show presents his music talent, both when he plays traditional instruments, such as a guitar, an accordion, a banjo, a trumpet, and some alternative ones: a saw and instruments created from recycling. In his show 'Ey Pacha!


With his ability to guess the cards he could be a famous poker player, the number of coins used for the tricks would make him a millionaire and his diabolo would land on the moon if you add up all the distance of his diabolo throws! But the real motivation and driving force behind the artist is a smile and joy on the faces of the people participating in his spectacles. Juggling, illusion, disappearing objects - these are just some of the attractions that Dominic will present in his show!


Agnieszka and Nicolas are acrobats, musicians, jugglers and clowns in one. This is a truly explosive mixture of energy, humor and wonderful cloud-capped acrobatics. Perched on a specially designed stunts, they will present solo and in duet. This Polish-French combination of skills and stage experience guarantees the unforgettable impressions!


Seven young, talented and spontaneous musicians will encourage you to have fun together with the mix of Balkan, klezmer and Kashubian rhythms. We guarantee the side effects as palpitations, the burst of endorphins and compulsive smiling.


In the fire show 'Hell's Kitchen' dancers from Azislight group act as cooks. Burning strainers, flying chops and pans are only few of curiosities which the chef hides under his cap. Are you curious what will they cook this time? Five artists, one passion, ambition and unconventional ideas will be mixed with high technical level and excellent workshop!


Calls himself - juggler globetrotter - but "in his own way." This is due to the fact that from every trip he takes, he gains amazing new skills which will surely entertain the audience. ANN REAL is a real man chaos whose greatest love is juggling. Living literally on a "knife edge", he faces more and more difficult juggling tasks and he always surprises the viewer.


In a desolate moor in the middle of a hostile and winter place, two characters will make the routine changing. Two custodians, one entering and one leaving. One being confined and one that will be „free” again. A man and a woman. A meeting that will come out of the routine to address a path of personal recognition and curiosity about the other.


"Something to eat" is a dramatic performance , during which Mr. Ząbek tries to escape the straitjacket. Suspended upside down, at a height of 6 m in steel jaws fights against time - jaws will close within 1 minute! Will the artist manage to come out unscratched from this situation?

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