Artists 2017


The performance, whose main hero is a city, is a story of extraordinary, multicultural, magical Lublin: a constant crossing point of different cultures, attitudes and ways of life. A vision of space, both tangible and oneiric, creates a fictional world partly born only in the imagination of the creators. By recalling the fictional characters from Lublin legends and historical figures inseparably associated with the city, the audience will have to decide themselves whether Lublin in this version is a real place or the one that has never existed.


A circus performer, juggler, man balancing on the edge... of a tourist chair. We invite you to two performances by this unconventional artist: a street show and a performance on the hall stage. A concept of the show "Two seconds" was based on the principle of two seconds as a safe distance between two vehicles in motion. Menozzi with his stage partner decide to bend the rule, creating its own acrobatic version. Since when two clowns decide to go on a holiday, distances become a subjective issue for them. During the show, you will see manipulation with objects of various sizes: from chairs to tents, motion theatre, acrobatics and a good deal of comic gags.


An acrobatic and juggling show with great comic charge – from a show like “A Lucky Strike” you can expect a big boom. Two eccentric characters with cheerful nature and spontaneous temper will appear on the street stage. Circus acrobatic feats of a male-female duo will take place both at the street level and at the “height”: on a circus rope. Bodily manoeuvring – alone and in a duo, juggling with simultaneous balancing at the height, with a great deal of positive energy, which the artists emanate with, is a brief description of the show of two performers.


We present you a street band which in its hometown needs no introduction. This band quickly became a music showpiece of Kraków. The songs from the band’s set list have been heard on Polish and foreign streets for three years now. It all started with a common passion of professional musicians usually busy with their own projects. According to the artists – street music was to be a way to spend their free days in between the concerts. Yet the enthusiastic reactions of the audience made them change their plans.


An extremely talented circus showman, artist specializing in juggling and balancing with objects. In performances, he combines classic circus convention with the art of improvisation and elements of street theatre. He entertains the audience with precision and technical workshop. His show requires excellence in performing presented circus tricks. Simultaneous juggling with various objects, balancing on a monowheel and masterly balancing with props set in a pyramid are the artist's hallmark.


The performance is a part of a larger project,, inspired by Pythagorean sciences, geometry and associations between arts and science. Theatre and circus production is embedded in the 3D world, where juggling, acrobatics, body and object motion are tools for measuring the dark Space, twisted like a spiral. A heroine of the stage production is a tragicomical character, a self-appointed professor seeking answers to the questions that bother her. She believes that thanks to measuring she will find a perfect formula and solve a mystery of construction of the Universe.


The performance “Riverside” (“Plovárna”) is a humorous sketch with a strong accent of a circus show. It is based on the motif of a Czech novel “Summer of Caprice” by Vančura. Juggling actors: beautiful woman and two men with retro moustache will carry the audience to the 1920s. Atmosphere of the old days will fill the stage, and artists will enchant the audience with subtle acting and circus tricks. The performance is a lazy vision of holiday in a pre-war style. But you certainly won’t be bored. The show is filled with juggling demonstrations – solo and together, elements of acrobatics, dance improvisations, gentle gestures and non-intrusive humour in the Czech style.


Sebastien and Rebecca are an artistic duo, putting on the show “Metamorphosis”, a performance based on illusion and stage magic. This is a unique show combining elements of improvisation, visual illusions, actors’ stage metamorphoses, engaging the audience. They offer everything that the real Magic Show should contain: from manipulating with small objects to spectacular illusions. As a magician with many years of experience, Sebastian presents all the elements of his show with the utmost precision and technical excellence, not forgetting the art of street improvisation and a comedy approach to life.


A circus performer, juggler, man balancing on the edge... of a tourist chair. We invite you to two performances by this unconventional artist: a street show and a performance in the BIFK performing hall, where Menozzi will act in a duo with Christel Dicembre. “O Like... Peanut” is a one-man show with great comic charge. On the street stage, you will see a figure of a clown who dabbles in juggling straight from the construction site. Assembly rolls, insulation tapes, cardboard boxes go against the laws of gravity, becoming tools of circus tricks.


Wrocław circus artists: Marta and Su are a duo performing diabolo juggling. Elaborate choreography show unusual teamwork of the artists, their technical skills and... theatrical sense. During the street performance, “Szpulka Show”, the duo will play the role of artists born in the circus – a grandson of a juggling inventor and a tender pet carer. Together they discover magical properties of the mysterious spool, constructed by the character's grandfather.


“The Great Granny Show” is a performance of unique circus acrobatics bursting with humour. A heroine of the show is an ordinary old woman – in a headscarf, apron and with a broom in hand. However, it turns out that, surprisingly, she has a lot of vigour. Actually, she is an extremely elastic, energetic old acrobat who works miracles with hula hoop, metal rims and she literally stands on her head to wow the audience. Her wild acrobatics is accompanied by rock music and applause of the audience.


Four artists and four elements will sweep through every street, enchanting, at the same time, any kind of audience. Passion, energy, joy in pure form is interwoven with surgical precision during an acrobatic-juggling show. Importantly, the artists themselves do not know what exactly they will perform. A decision depends on the audience and... a huge dice that influences the fate of the troupe like a story of characters from the world of role-playing game. The show “What's Next?” Is a game dominated by blind fate.


Goma and his “Atari Show” are never-ending fun of juggling – with objects, contexts, situational jokes. The artist has an unusual talent for provoking and amusing. He successfully turns everyday situations into a street game and comedy with the participation of audience. A characteristic feature of his performances is music. Goma uses a looping device to provoke the audience with musical motifs from well-known films and animations.


An artist-juggler whose performance will be presented both on stage and during the street show. “Entropia” street show is a solo jugglery impression – only seemingly chaotic and random, but in fact characterised by utmost precision. Balls juggled by Sing in a number close to one hundred are not only a stage tool but also the main element of stage design and a carrier of emotions. In short – it is an ecstatic and hypnotic juggling virtuosity being a metaphor of creation and destruction.


A group of six young and talented artists, students and alumni of Academy of Music in Katowice. Their work is inspired by street music performed by New Orleans brass bands. The contents of their set list appeals to wide audience. It contains, among others, jazz standards and new interpretations of well-known hits of popular music. Despite their young age, the artists have already gained extensive stage experience.


“James Bond” fireshow performed by Lascar ensemble is one of this year’s proposals for enthusiasts of fireshow theatre. Stage pyrotechnics combined with dance, abseiling, fire breathing, fire poi and fire devil sticks – this is the background for the history unfolding before the viewers’ eyes taken straight out of espionage films. Lascar will draw you inside a story about beautiful hot-tempered lady-thieves and persistent MI6 agent.


We are proud to present the true street artist! A clown that make actors in a circus show out of bystanders, drivers and cyclists, while buses and cars become stage props, toys and stage design. The artist makes use of traffic in his performance – he entertains you by putting people in unusual situations. This street show is about surprise and provocation. The script is written together with participants of the juggling mayhem – here and now.


“Kukuryku” street show is a one-man show by Ola Muchin where street art meets the magic of puppetry. The artist unfolds the story of a world-famous magician, Osvaldo Drewno, who is accompanied by a faithful, yet unconventional assistant – Kura. In this felt, street creation we can encounter also other characters, just as interesting, whose adventures are filled with surprise, laughter and a touch of magic.


Let us present an Italian performer, a clown and a semi-theatrical artist. The city streets will become a stage for his “Melafilo” performance – it is a subtle, quiet show, full of kind smiles and delicate gestures. From the very beginning, the artist tries to find a common ground with the public. For this purpose, he uses stage props that make his intentions more literal: strings, threads, wires, coils of candyfloss. He engages the public in his show presenting how to convey positive emotions.


An artist-juggler whose performance will be presented both on stage and during the street show. He will perform together with Cristiana Casadio in a performance entitled “Tangram” in the BIFK performing hall. It is a mixture of jugglery, dance and theatre. The minimalism of the show emphasises the passion of the artists, their emotions and the beauty of human body. It is a story of love interwoven with anger. The artists together create a story about passion, power over another person and human disillusionment.

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