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A clown, an illusionist, a colourful and grotesque street artist who can surprise the viewer while making him laugh to tears. During the festival, he will present a performance combining elements of circus' magic and clowning. With the help of a large cannon and a bowling ball, the artist will perform an illusionistic card trick. Will everything go right? Even the artist can’t be sure. It will be loud, colourful and funny as befits a clown. A surprise - guaranteed.


The electro-pop trio will perform on the OFCA music scene. The band draws inspiration from contemporary synth sounds, but also eagerly reaches for the classics of Britpop and electronics. At their concerts, the dirty bit is intertwined with the sounds of the zither, the electrifying guitar sounds in their music pieces, and the strong bass strike encourages the dance. Band is preparing to release their first album and will be performing on the street scene of the festival with fresh, warm material.


A fireshow in rock style and concert stage arrangement is another proposal within the festival fire performance. Dancers will turn into musical stars that will bring real flames to the stage! During the show you will see burning microphones, a heated hula hoop, colourful smoke flares, spatial installations whirling in the fire and guitars with a pyrotechnic effect. In this show you will certainly not miss humor, good entertainment and work with fire at a high artistic and technical level.


A feminine fire show using of favorite props, characteristic of fireshow. You will find flaming fans, dragon sticks, fire poi, heated spatial installations and sparkling flares. The performance is characterized by fantastic choreography marked by feminine strength, vividness and vitality. During the show dancers attempt to tame the element and give it an electronic sound. Flames pulsate on the stage to the rhythm of heavy, rough sounds, and the female hands of the artists form their dancing shapes.


A street show full of grotesque humor and bitter-sweet scenarios. The artist entertains the audience with circus performances from the borderline of jugglery, acrobatics and pantomime, showing at the same time a human fate full of ups and downs. The performance is filled with energy, stage expression and often very strange ideas. The story is told by a character somewhat absurd, traversing stage life on rollers. The final of the show will surely bring viewers a lot of satisfaction, but before it will take place, the artist will provide the audience with a lot of expressive jugglery, clowning on extreme emotions and fast stage action.


A show that accumulates the most spectacular tricks using fire in a 12-minute performance. During the show, artists perform complicated acrobatic tricks with flames, such as dancing with fire poi and dragon sticks. The spectators will witness a breath-taking theatre of fire with amazing choreography, costumes, music, and pyrotechnical tricks and circus acrobatic tricks. The golden burning phoenix performed by the Lithuanian group Lords of Fire with light up the evening sky and heat up the spectators with an amazing performance.


You can expect anything from this show! It’s unlikely that the well-known performer will stay still - prepare for walking the streets of the city and involving the passer-bys in the show. Endless hugging... Of course, the entire artistic show will be accompanied by provoking sense of humour, circus props, and setting for the best of clowns in his class and incredible energy and spontaneous laughter.


Classic magic in combination with jazz climate create a figure of a street performer, dignified circus magician charming with his manners. The artist, gentle and subtle in his approach to the street art, does not impose himself on the audience with his skills but catches their attention with perfect performance of the tricks. He always tries to be a nimble magician; however, every time he lets the audience closer to the heart of the stage he shows his different face.


The Hypnotunez is a real sound and positive concert energy attack straight from Ukraine. Combination of swing and jazz with punk and blues provides an explosive music mixture and a characteristic “dirty” sound from the smoky clubs of the underground scene. A vast range of instruments, including double bass, trombone or baritone saxophone immediately engages the audience in a dancing party, and the characteristic voice of the singer creates an amazing atmosphere during the entire show.


A bittersweet set of theatrical anecdotes about life; its meaning and madness a person may fall into. The show is almost entirely performed using gesture and movement, without unnecessary words. The artist is able to express everything about the secret of being using only body language and circus tricks. The show includes clear and blunt mini-stories as well as abstract ideas regarding the human life. The artist exposes sadness and restrictions, fears and obsessions, but also he discovers great hope a human being has inside. The performance is based on theatrical techniques, circus joggling, and tragicomedy gags by the professional clown


The circus artist who knows all the secrets of a hula-hoop. During the Hoopelaï show the rotating hoops listen to all the orders of the great theatrical queen and with her company they tell the story of the humorous plot. The number of rotating hoops may leave a spectator speechless; however, even when the artist is operating with one hula-hoop the entire street world is rotating with her. The performance involves active participation of the spectators. The chosen ones together with the artist will face the untamed hoops and will help her lead the theatrical story to the last spinning hoop.


Empty square, stage under construction, waiting for the special guest is just an innocent introduction to a mocking show of the Italian circus troupe. Artists, during the street show called Vote for build situational humour around the planned speech of the mayor of the city. Is it going to happen? It doesn’t matter. The real stars of the show are the municipal labourers, who among the circus gags, acrobatic tricks, and street magic, build a stage for the aforementioned guests. In their blue delivery van of the dimensions of a Maluch (Fiat 126) they have everything they need to invite the audience to have fun. In the show you will find a lot of Para theatrical elements characteristic for the clowns.


Fire breathing is one of the most spectacular circus performances. It is quite risky and requires great precision and experience from the performer. During this year’s edition of OFCA we will have the opportunity to observe the work of a fire-eater from scratch. Marcin Ex Styczyński will lead the spectators through the mystery of the circus art of fire. During the show we will see a series of preparations for a well-executed and spectacular show. The performance will filled with joggling tricks using a sacrificial lines, eating fire, unusual burning tricks using balloons and eventually the dragon’s breath.


The musical schedule of OFCA also includes world-class gigs. Tiny Beat, Czech champion and one of TOP16 beat boxers in the world will prepare a great feast for the listeners full of fat beats. The show combining hip-hop, drum and base, and electro music is one of the highlights of this year’s edition of the festival. Apart from beat boxing the artist also deals with livelooping. He works with well-known pop music samples. Classic conventions and recognisable beats constitute a flexible material for him to create his own music tracks. He has been gathering stage experience for over ten years taking part in numerous international projects - festivals, club gigs, theatrical projects, and beatbox workshops.


A band performing club music in a completely new version. During the acoustic performance we will hear original pieces inspired by the drum and bass, disco, and house music. Artists from 3kings band very often improvise, go with the flow of music and energy coming from the audience; that is why their tracks never sound the same. It is a unique band, the only one in Poland playing that kind of music and one of few bands in Europe. You simply can’t miss it. You will experience an energetic music adventure and an amazing dance street party. This band know how to rouse the audience to play with the sound.


An acrobatic performance of a pair of clowns is a tragicomedy at its best. During the show the characters are always one step ahead of a catastrophe, controlled one, of course. Their incredible circus skills pass through a filter of smile and detachment from their own skills. Between Dexterity and Disaster is a show which will make you laugh but also feel delighted. Synchronised and individual juggling, balancing on height using a tape and a swing, using a body in acrobatic tricks are among the key elements creating the performance. Let’s just add a charismatic male-female due, humoristic circus treatment and involving the audience in the theatrical action and we’ll get a complete description of this unique street show.


The acrobatic duo from Switzerland will present a hypnotizing show called Respire. You will be able to admire the craftsmanship of the artists at the Performance Hall. Especially for the audience the circus performers will create a mysterious and intimate world made of rotating object, play of light, and body expression. Regular breathing bringing the theatrical story to life will set a rhythm for the entire performance. The play combines the elements of acrobatics as well as Para theatrical and circus techniques.


The show provoking to laugh, lively and engaging in a play with the street conventions of the New Circus. The artists presents a day in life of a character wearing a horse mask. Or maybe a horse pretending to be a human? Line between these two creations is very flexible and the humour of the entire performance almost completely blurs it. The artists makes use of everyday objects and practices his skills. He manipulates them to make people laugh, joggles them, and eventually fights a fire ring on his bicycle. He has only one aim: to spread happiness.


Punto y Coma show takes the spectators on a trip around the circus land of grotesque. The creators of the show build their own vision of the world - overdrawn with the elements of humorous macabre - resembling the film style of Tim Burton. The pair of artists from Cia El Cruce fills in the created stage with acrobatic and juggling tricks. The actors also tell a magical yet alarmingly familiar story. In this how everything fits perfectly - the costumes and make-up, as well as chosen acting and circus techniques.


The eccentric, amusing, and fearless street performer who can surprise the audience like no one else. His shows are mostly built of improvised comedy sequences, not to mention acrobatic skills, love for slacklining on given heights, and manipulating circus props. Is Elkote already a provocateur or maybe still a clown? Maybe the planned show will bring some satisfying answers. It is definitely going to be funny... The artists won’t reveal more detail even to the organisers.


The artists create a small angular world entirely made of cardboard boxes. The mysterious creators are a bit absurd in their raincoats hiding joggling attributes. They act out for the spectators circus tricks whirling around the cardboard props - joggling and balancing, building and destroying. The show is accompanied by the accordion music released from a random box, applause and peals of laughter. Inbox is a show of very subtle and dancing course with a huge dose of joggling skills and acrobatic tricks.


The artist returns to the street stage of a city to present his next show. This time he plans to build a theatrical circus; however, he will need a whole bunch of acting personalities. Who will play the main role of the performance and who will have to settle for assisting in the most important improvisations? Murmuyo has an eye for talent and he will definitely find appropriate actors among you to his show. Prepare yourself for eccentric tricks, provocations, and never-ending peals of laughter.


Circus artist, a clown who during the ¡Llévame! show is accompanied by his own touring stage. A circus room of diversity on three wheels brings to mind fairy-tale constructions with steampunk elements. Using situational humour, circus tricks, and elements of pantomime, the artist spins a subtle tale with an eccentric character in the centre. Claunódromo not only entertains the audience but also involves them in the plot and guarantees unforgettable theatrical experience.


Two comics from Ireland will give the participants of this year’s OFCA an unforgettable show - namely the Family Show. During this performance the circus tent will be entirely enveloped in the realm of absurdity. The show prepared by the clowns with flair for acrobatics, incredibly overdrawn and bizarrely amusing, will throw the audience into the whirl of fun.

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