Artists 2019


A colourful circus performance in the spirit of avant-garde will charm viewers of all ages. You will find here a county fair-like humour, pre-war circus style, live music, wonderful costumes, fairy-tale scenery and a story with a moral. The artists tell a tale about human desire. The main character of the performance is a man who wants to become a circus artist, but he is not brought into the fold by the artistic troupe. However, dreams are worth fighting for! The wandering troupe - along with the tent and the tamed shark - is made up of Slovak artists who are eager to present a round of circus skills and colourful characters. You will get to know a ballerina balancing on a rope, playful acrobats, unruly jugglers, strongmen, a snake woman, overgrown rabbits and a handler of aquatic beasts. And the spirit of the Russian poet Daniel Charms and his poetics of absurd will be floating over the entire show. It will take place in the Teatro Tatro circus tent. Tickets available for online purchase (link) or at the festival Infopoint.


In a closed and intimate performance, two artists will synchronise their music and circus skills to offer the audience a unique show. The effect of their stage work is magic in all its forms and disguises. The hypnotising rhythm of the performance will fill the entire space of the circus tent. Live music and sounds coming from the console will create a show using aspects of juggling, object manipulation and theatrical movement.The performers will make musical instruments and juggling props speak one language. It's a real artistic fusion! The audience will feel its vibrations on their own skin and will hear the pulse of the play in the sounds of a drum, saxophone, triangle, falling balls, or drops of water. Maleta Company will create their own magical reality in a circus tent and will make the viewer forget about the everyday rhythm of life for an hour. Tickets available for online purchase (link) or at the festival Infopoint.


"SoliloqueS" is something more than just a show of circus skills. This is a surprising event that gradually reveals the rules regulating the stage reality right in front of the viewer. The rules of the game change like the turn of a kaleidoscope - once shocking suddenly become standard. The most important, however, are the performers and the greatness of their skills. It’s they who provide the gathered viewers with the stage events dynamics and fill the audience with admiration. In the show you will encounter the bits of gymnastics, aerial acrobatics - aerial fabric/silks, trapeze shows, juggling acts and tightrope tricks. Five circus artists will gain extra support from soothing live piano sounds. The show will take place in Św. Jerzy church. Tickets available for online purchase (link) or at the festival Infopoint.


The artist returns to the city streets with another show. You won’t miss the typical sense of humour of the clown-like Murmuyo. As always, the audience will have the opportunity to build a performance together with its creator, relying on the talent of the performer and the spontaneous development of events. The main topic of the show will be the issue of involuntary displacement and evictions of people. This time, besides a huge ration of humour, the viewers will get a socially engaged performance. Murmuyo will play the role of a hero who, under unclear circumstances, gets thrown into a street with all his belongings. Luckily, the audience comes to help. Is it enough to start all over again? Hard to say, but certainly the performance will disturb the urban rhythm of life and sneak into the everyday reality of random passers-by.


The incomparable magician and his ambitious assistant present a classic illusionist show in a pastiche way. The artists build their characters in such a way that they contrast each other on stage, entertaining and surprising gathered people. The mutual relations of the magician and his assistant constitute the main comic element and confuse the audience during the performed tricks. On stage, the performers juggle, use Chinese hoops and a diabolo, turn to magician's tricks and clown gags. Is it still a classic circus magic, or already a comical farce? The course of the show, from the first act to the epilogue, casts no doubt that it is a parody of a genre with a professional cast.


She and he. An aerial duo of acrobats ready for daring climbs and breathtaking descents on the walls of urban buildings. During the OFCA festival they will perform on the tower of Św. Jerzy church. The duo’s great height performance is an extraordinary acrobatic show with elements of dance and gymnastics. Light and subtle ballet-like routines will make the viewers’ head spin. Actors are whirling over the audience, suspended horizontally towards the astounded observers. It is a romantic show emphasising how close the artists are and how strong their mutual trust is, which makes it precise and successful.


An extremely funny and talented duo that is unambiguously unclassifiable. Their performances are a mixture of equilibristics, acrobatics, dance, gymnastics ... and comedy. As they admit, to make the best of a show, two elements are needed - artists and audience. During "Ale Rympau!" show, the viewers will be given extra privileges from the performers. The watchers themselves will decide on the selection and sequence of artistic stunts. Expect a great ration of circus improvisation and kitsch in the best, controlled way.


Two circus comedians will step onto the OFCA festival scene to start a street party. The artists represent an individual musical style that can be described as "Party! Party! ". This is a unique show of acting parody skills in a sound arrangement. Jeanette and Lorenzo will present the audience with an overview of musicians, dancers and circus virtuosos in a satirical approach. The characters brought to scenic life will lead the viewer through various instrumental and dance conventions, showing their comical picture. On top of that, circus tricks, using a hula hoop and one-wheeled bike, will reflect the best clown’s worth. During the show the artist use self-made music players and modified instruments. A keyboard may turn up on stage and its sounds will lead the audience to the grand finale of this crazy party. Latino, Hindu rhythms, classical music, rock and roll, Scottish folk, romantic ballads and the laughing audience will rule the "Party! Party!” show!


In this show the artist combines various circus techniques with expressive choreography and emphatic acting. The audience can expect a theatrical performance where gesture, movement, juggling and object manipulation are dominant. Juggling balls and clubs will spin in the air, and the street scene will be wrapped with a tape, creating neat patterns. Cia. ES circ takes the viewer on a pensive journey around the created world and invites the audience to play a part together in the street here and now show. The boundaries of the performance are determined by the artist's imagination, the length of the tape and the audience's willingness. Will it be the size of the stage or will it expand onto the streets of our town? ... Just be there to find out!


A slim and agile gentleman challenges gravity in his street show. "Equilibrium tremens" is a bit surreal show of balancing and sophisticated clowning. The artist takes the viewer on a journey across the land of circus absurd, during which you can admire light installations made of brooms, a lonely chair and a box for stage props. In this peculiar environment, the performer is walking the tightrope. His good manners and gymnastic agility do not let him make a single mistake. His impeccable precision so as not to destroy the carefully created world, delights the public. It does not make the show predictable, though! Surprising twists and unexpected events are included. A lot to look forward to!


Two artists, two conventions and two performances are an energetic ration of entertainment, which is difficult to walk past without noticing. The Italian group La Sbrindola is a result of a meeting and then friendship of extraordinary performers: a drummer Marco Macchione and a juggler Leonardo Cristiani. Their skills meet in an unpredictable street show "Shock Em All" and in a spontaneous party "Vibrella Sound” which turns out to be a musical trance on four wheels. The fusion of artistic forms is manifested in both performances, but in different proportions. "Shock Em All" is a set of acts like: juggling with sequenced acrobatics, balancing in the hoop and on a one-wheeled bike, random tricks with fire, with drum sounds backup. There is also a gorilla ... but its participation is a bit of mystery. "Vibrella Sound" - as the artists say - „ is an idea born on the worst streets of the best European festivals". It is a spontaneous, musical parade of artists and the audience gathered round in the energising rhythms of Bass Music, Glitch, D'n'b, Funk, R'n'R. Only juicy remixes and wild dancing are allowed here. The artists turn their circus car into an island of beats and all sounds lovers are invited to join the event.


The artist, with musical education and theatrical verve, created a remarkable street show with hand-made and copyrightable instruments. Eric Tarantola amazes the audience, playing everyday objects - an old patched trombone, or electro-acoustic banjo guitar. The musician reaches for the instruments one by one and records their musical sequence with a special device. Next the sounds form a looped piece which is ready then for subsequent instrumental layers. Thanks to this process, the composer creates a unique space which is a meeting place for the world of circus and music. Eric Tarantola's work consists of various genres and melodic lines. During the concert, the audience will find the elements of music on the borderline of jazz-fusion, funk, reggae or salsa.


Let us present a street show on the borderline of a comic stuntman and a circus performance. During the show, the artist becomes the creator of good humour. Being original and spontaneous he carries the viewers towards acting out crazy scenes. He looks like a professional stuntman of Hollywood action cinema from the 1980s. He is amusingly exaggerated, charismatic and taken from a completely crazy reality. At the same time he does not avoid seemingly dangerous tricks, and his favourite circus props are ... a pogo jumper and fork. Ernest the Magnifico is a regular performer of European, Canadian and Australian festival scenes. Suffice it to say, his international popularity is nothing else but his sense of humor and professionalism.


"Acrometria" is an acrobatic constellation composed of three artistic bodies. It is also an emotional story told by movement and gesture. Mysterious geometry in human form defining the principles between matter, mind and soul. Artists - Adrià Montaña, Wanja Kahlert and Anna Pasqual - have been meeting on stage for years, showing the audience their rich acrobatic experience and poetic sensitivity. Within a few minutes, the trio will take the audience to a different reality where you will meet the performers in the world of living geometry, moving forms, agile, light and spectacular acrobatic routines. The show will take place in the MOKiS performing hall. Tickets available for online purchase (link) or at the festival Infopoint.


The titular journey to the past is the starting point for telling a new story of Pan Ząbek. During the show, conventional rules do not apply, and the script itself allows the artist to fully improvise. The audience has a significant impact on the development of events whereas the illusionist can only lead his watchers to the grand finale. The audience will also choose a daring volunteer who will face the performer on the stage. We can reveal that he will receive a reward for his efforts or, in case of failure, lose something else but time. "Return to the past" is a street show contained in a small suitcase, filled with so-called pickpocket tricks and comic gags. The incomparable humour of a professional clown and his skilful deception make the whole performance an excellent family entertainment.


This absolutely crazy trio invites you to a concert with elements of their original clowning. During the show, the audience will find pleasure in the swinging rhythms of acoustic instruments and laughing at the stage gags. Live and energising music will be accompanied by vocal and theatrical parts, humorous props and unpredictable gestures. Their compositions go deep to the roots of swing, blues, jazz and reggae - intertwining them - using their own set of rules - into a bizarre and a bit absurd ration of sonic energy.


Let us introduce a circus madman and his acrobatic street show about extreme pranks. The basic stage design of the performance arouses anxiety and a mysterious figure with gas cylinders in hand definitely intensifies this impression. Couldn’t be more wrong! The spectators are waiting for impressive acrobatic stunts on the trampoline, in which the artist denies the law of gravity and common sense caution - skillfully balancing on moving objects and high installations. Observing the artist using gas cylinders, you certainly cannot accuse him of imbalance, while in every other aspect he looks suspicious. However, there is neither place nor time for fear - there’s laughter and admiration, and the only possible "BAM" is the explosion of great applause.




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