fire openstage

For those, who’s fire-thrill needs aren’t satisfied by Friday’s fireshow performances we’ve got another hot proposition: Fire Open Stage. Equally fiery show in a different – this time open form. With accompaniment of the music by dj Endless, we will witness individual and group shows presented by volunteers.

Beginning at 10:00 pm on Saturday in the courtyard of the Oleśnica Castle.

Anyone willing to present their skills may register in the following way:

  1. Before the Festival, by filling in a form on the webpage available below
  2. During the Festival, by filling in application in a form of a declaration (download)  at the registration point at the Castle and picking up a wristband entitling an applicant to perform at the Fire Open Stage. Individuals without such wristbands will not be allowed onto the show stage.

Applications may be filled at the registration point at the Castle until 11 August. (Saturday) until 8:00 pm.

Participants are obliged to follow The Regulations of the OFCA Fire Open Stage (download)

Prior to the beginning of the Fire Open Stage at 9:00 pm, there will be a compulsory meeting of participants with the organizer.

During the event, organizers provide paraffin oil and fire blanket. Equipment must be provided by the participants. Paraffin will be available at the venue immediately before the beginning of the shows.