What's slackline?

Slackline is a sport of keeping balance on a thin line suspended between two points, such as trees, building windows, rock formations. The line is poorly tensioned and vibrates in every possible direction, and a person standing on it must balance with his/her own body. At first glance, slackline is very similar to tightropes, but in reality these sports have very little in common. Ropes intended for walking at height are tightened in a way that eliminates any lateral or vertical swings. While a line, depending on its purpose, differs in spring and dynamics.

Slack is divided into several types, and the most popular are:
Trickline – impressive stunts and tricks (jumps, swings and more) resembling jumping on a trampoline, performed on a strongly tensioned line.
Longline – covering the longest possible distances. These lines are over 30-40 meters long. The longer and looser the line, the harder it is to pass. Longline is characterized by large vertical and horizontal variations.
Waterline – walking on a line suspended above the water. An additional difficulty in this case is illusion created by waves, which, giving the impression of motion, make it difficult to maintain a constant reference point.
Highline – lines suspended high above the ground. This is the most spectacular kind of slack. Blood-curdling both for the audience of such unusual event and for daredevils who decide to move on the line suspended so high. Lines are suspended at an impressive height, for example, between rocks, buildings, trees or other structures. Passing through them takes place only with the use of the security harness and a lariat.

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