Other attractions

OFCA is not only about performances, during the festival we guarantee you that there will be more attractions, which will allow you to relax, to eat something and will also help you remember these few days in Oleśnica.

WORKSHOPS FOR CHILDREN – We want to invite all the youngest participants, who fell in love with the circus to our workshops.
The workshops for children will be held at the Amphitheatre on Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 14:00. During the workshops the youngest participants with the help from our entertainers will become a part of circus family.

JUGGLING OLYMPICS – Spectacular circus competition in which the enthusiast from different areas will take part in. Participants will fight against time, other contestants and gravity. They will compete in disciplines like combat, limbo and endurance. We encourage you to take part in the competition, there will be small prizes for winners!

TRICKLINE SHOWS – Trickline is an acrobatic version of slackline. It’s about performing various aerobatics on tightly taut rope that’s hang roughly 1,4 metres above ground. Trickline resembles very narrow trampoline, that the participants use to execute sequences of tricks, evolutions and jumps in the air.

FOOD TRUCK ZONE – Grab something to eat from many food trucks that you can find on our main square.

‘ŻONGLER’ BAR  – We would like to invite everyone who enjoys cool drinks, good music and fun to the Żongler Bar that will be situated on the Castle boroughs. Admission price – 10zł. You can buy entry pass bands next to the entrance of the bar (link).

FESTIVAL SHOP – During the festival you could buy gadgets like t-shirts, tote bags and pins. The shop will be in Info Point.

MURALS  – Murals are an integral part of the festival and Oleśnica as well. Each year there’s a new one on a wall somewhere in town. We recommend you take a walk following them, which will help you get to know the topography of our town better and admire the murals.