Circus in town or town in circus? Magical time of the Festival will fill the streets of the Old Town with joy and wonderful atmosphere. For three days forgotten and unavailable places will open their gates to the public and the common ones will grow a new meaning. The unique atmosphere of the Festival will be created by true masters and artists who travel around the world making spectators smile, admire and awe. Sky these days will be cut by the highlines hanging in the Market Square and the Castle, circus tents will add color to the city and a warm glow of fire shows will turn the Amphitheater into red.

For those few days of August smile and joy will rule the city! Welcome to Oleśnica – 10th-12th of August 2018- a lot will happen!

For the latest information about OFCA Festival, please visit the event fanpage: Festival OFCA 2018!

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Oleśnica is one of the oldest and most charming cities of Lower Silesia. For over 750 years, the paths of Poles, Germans, Czechs and Jews crossed here. They left us a remarkable legacy – a unique arrangement of streets of the old town and noteworthy monuments.

During OFCA festival, the entire potential of the city as well as its residents is used. Street performances take place not only in the main square with 12 streets running out of it but also in the immediate vicinity of the oldest monument in the city – the Column of the Golden Wedding, in the basin of the only memorial in Lower Silesia commemorating space expeditions by a Wrocław sculptor  – Jerzy Boronia, or in the courtyard of Oleśnica castle whose architecture shows the influence of all ruling dynasties in the principality of Oleśnica.

Numerous princely families crossed their fates through the long history of Oleśnica. Starting from the Silesian Piasts – each named Konrad, through the Czech Podiebrady family deriving from the famous Czech king George, to the German Wirtembergs and Welf dynasties. Till date, we can find their traces in the structure of the city, its architecture and works of art which are found even in the Oleśnica basilica. Contemporary Oleśnica also bears the marks of the Jewish community. It was in the Jewish printing house of Chaim Schwarz and Dawid ben Jonathan where the Torah, the oldest print published in Oleśnica, was created. On its title page there is the coat of arms of the princes of the Podiebrady dynasty.

Another major festival venue is the historic church of St George, connected with the church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, founded in the XIV century for the Benedictines of the Slavonic rite, the so-called Glagolitic Order, who use the Old Church Slavonic language in the liturgy.

You can easily get to know these and many, many more secrets of Oleśnica by starting a sightseeing tour from the Oleśnicki Dom Spotkań z Historią museum or joining  specially organised guided walks, not to mention exploring the city’s nooks and crannies independently.


There will be highlines suspended at the Oleśnica Castle’s courtyard and also at the Market Square between the windows of the City Hall and the surrounding townhouses. On them on a height of several meters above the ground highliners will be walking about. Once again this year we will stretch our SPECTACULAR, the LONGEST city highline in Poland – 117 meters – going from the tower of the Town Hall to the tower of the Basilica.

There also will be a slackline town at our guests disposal located on the green area at by the Castle where professional highliners will advise and thoroughly instruct every beginner.

For the latest information about lines at OFCA, please visit the event website: OFCA Highline 2018 (soon)



Fireshow on OFCA is a combination of fire and pyrotechnics prepared especially for our eyes by real professionals. This year we will  invite you to the FIRESHOW performance at the amphitheatre and OPEN STAGE FIRESHOW in the courtyard of the Oleśnica Castle! Fireshow performance starts on Friday (10:00 p.m.) at the Amphitheatre, and we hope that it will attract real crowds. The next event of fire – Fire Open Stage – is planned as in previous years, on Saturday (10 p.m.) and will be held in the courtyard of the Castle in the accompaniment of music by dj Endless.






New schedule comming soon!

Szkoła podstawowa nr 2


Rynek - od strony ul. Matejki

fot. Piotr Spigiel

Rynek - od strony ul. Kościelnej

fot. Piotr Spigiel

Sala Widowiskowa

fot. Karol Siwek

Skwer przy ul. Spacerowej

fot. Piotr Spigiel

Rynek - od strony ul. 3-go maja


Zamek Książąt Oleśnickich


fot. Karol Siwek

Pomnik Ery Kosmicznej

fot. Piotr Spigiel

Kościół Św. Jerzego

fot. Piotr Spigiel

Amfiteatr nad stawami

fot. Karol Siwek

Infopoint Rynek - Kolumna zwycięstwa


Brama Wrocławska


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