Circus in town or town in circus? Magic time of the Festival will fill streets with joy and wonderful atmosphere. For 3 days places forgotten and not available will host new guests and grow a new meaning. The unique atmosphere of the Festival will be created by real masters and artists traveling around the world causing viewers smile, admiration and awe. Heaven these days will be cut by the highlines hung in the Market Square and the Castle, circus tents will add color to the city and a warm glow of fire shows will turn the amphitheater into red .

For those few days of August smile and joy will rule the city! Welcome to Oleśnica – 11th-13th of August 2017- a lot will happen!

For the latest information about FESTIVAL OFCA, please visit the event website: Festival OFCA 2017!

Artists 2017


The performance “Riverside” (“Plovárna”) is a humorous sketch with a strong accent of a circus show. It is based on the motif of a Czech novel “Summer of Caprice” by Vančura. Juggling actors: beautiful woman and two men with retro moustache will carry the audience to the 1920s. Atmosphere of the old days will fill the stage, and artists will enchant the audience with subtle acting and circus tricks. The performance is a lazy vision of holiday in a pre-war style. But you certainly won’t be bored. The show is filled with juggling demonstrations – solo and together, elements of acrobatics, dance improvisations, gentle gestures and non-intrusive humour in the Czech style.


Sebastien and Rebecca are an artistic duo, putting on the show “Metamorphosis”, a performance based on illusion and stage magic. This is a unique show combining elements of improvisation, visual illusions, actors’ stage metamorphoses, engaging the audience. They offer everything that the real Magic Show should contain: from manipulating with small objects to spectacular illusions. As a magician with many years of experience, Sebastian presents all the elements of his show with the utmost precision and technical excellence, not forgetting the art of street improvisation and a comedy approach to life.


A circus performer, juggler, man balancing on the edge... of a tourist chair. We invite you to two performances by this unconventional artist: a street show and a performance in the BIFK performing hall, where Menozzi will act in a duo with Christel Dicembre. “O Like... Peanut” is a one-man show with great comic charge. On the street stage, you will see a figure of a clown who dabbles in juggling straight from the construction site. Assembly rolls, insulation tapes, cardboard boxes go against the laws of gravity, becoming tools of circus tricks.



At City Market between the windows of City Hall and the surrounding townhouses and the courtyard of the Oleśnica Castle of the Dukes will hang highlines -on which at a height of several meters above the ground will wander courageous boys and girls. Again this year we will rig incredibly SPECTACULAR and the LONGEST city highline in Poland – 117-meters going from the tower of Town Hall to the tower of Basilica.

You can also find here a slackline town located on the green area at the Oleśnica castle of the Dukes. Professional highliners will provide any advice and thoroughly instruct every begginer.


Fireshow on OFCA is a combination of fire and pyrotechnics prepared especially for our eyes by real professionals. This year we will  invite you to the FIRESHOW performance at the amphitheatre and OPEN STAGE FIRESHOW in the courtyard of the Oleśnica Castle! Fireshow performance starts on Friday (9:45 p.m.) at the Amphitheatre, and we hope that it will attract real crowds. The next event of fire – Fire Open Stage – is planned as in previous years, on Saturday (10 p.m.) and will be held in the courtyard of the Castle in the accompaniment of music by Bassalog.



Rynek - od strony ul. Matejki

fot. Piotr Spigiel

Rynek - od strony ul. Kościelnej

fot. Piotr Spigiel

Sala Widowiskowa

fot. Karol Siwek

Skwer przy ul. Spacerowej

fot. Piotr Spigiel

Plac Zwycięstwa

Rynek - od strony ul. 3-go maja


Zamek Książąt Oleśnickich


fot. Karol Siwek

Pomnik Ery Kosmicznej

fot. Piotr Spigiel

Kościół Św. Jerzego

fot. Piotr Spigiel

Amfiteatr nad stawami

fot. Karol Siwek

Infopoint Rynek - Kolumna zwycięstwa


Brama Wrocławska


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